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Everyone has the innate ability to learn and the inherent right to the pursuit of knowledge.

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Learning and processing information differently can make academic and professional success a great struggle. Stop struggling! Contact DLS and find a specialist who understands your unique process of learning and can navigate your path to success in school and at work.

Is it a Learning Disability? Do we need help?

Since 1993, DLS's individualized services and programs have empowered children and adults with skills, tools, strategies and structure to accomplish their academic and career goals.

Silicon Valley and residents along the greater Monterey Coast can access the area's most comprehensive learning disability services: consultation, assessment, specialized learning in one-on-one and small group sessions, high-tech learning tools, and more. Out-of-town clients can benefit from Skype and web-based distance sessions with specialists and tutors, and periodic in-person sessions when visiting the area.

•  Assessment Specialists identify key characteristics of the student's individual learning profile through comprehensive testing, analysis of development and educational history, surveys, interviews and clinical observation. The assessment specialist's goal is to discover cognitive, academic and emotional issues affecting the learner, and then establish the most crucial needs, including classroom and testing accommodations, adaptations in the home and classroom environment, effective learning strategies and support services.

•  Learning Specialists employ research-based methods in Educational Therapy, Reading and Math Remediation Strategies, Multi-Sensory approaches, Executive Functioning support, Speech/Language Pathology and more. DLS learning specialists are team-builders, working with teachers, counselors and families to nurture talent and coordinate consistent approaches for academic achievement.

•  Versatile Tutors are selected for K-College subject area expertise in Math, Science, Writing, Social Sciences, Spanish, Study Skills/Organization, and are specially trained to support students with learning differences.

•  Assistive/Adaptive Technology experts help students and professionals learn and effectively use speech-text, text-to-speech, keyboarding and writing scaffolding programs.

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Listen to DLS founder John Fleming discuss "The Genius In All Of Us" on the Mr. Mom radio show.

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Comcast NewsMakers interview with DLS founder and director John Fleming
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Watch the Interview with DLS Founder & Director John R. Fleming

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